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We are your technology partner, with strong experience in Software Engineering and General Technology, We Develop Custom software, System APIs, Web Applications, Online Payment Integrations and General ICT consultancy. We are working toward supporting and helping various businesses serve and run their venture at maximum capacity. Our wide range of technology experience places us to be one of the best Technologists

Our History

OMUHA was founded in the year 2020 by a team of individuals who worked on Various Technology solutions for 6 years, as a general-purpose ICT company, the main aim being developing and supporting Various businesses through its ICT solutions. OMUHA has a team of experienced individuals in the development and support of Software for various businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide your business with the best technological solutions to help the business run.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be your best technology partner by helping your business utilize technology to the maximum.


ICT consultation Service

OMUHA Technology Partner provides you an affordable IT consultation service that focuses on how to save your company time and money. Our professional team has more than 10+ years of relevant experience supported by the latest technology. Get in touch today to find out how we can quickly pinpoint your problems and solutions that will work for you

Mobile Application Development

OMUHA Technology Partner can handle all your mobile app projects at an affordable cost and without compromise on quality. We focus on developing intelligent software solutions to boost your ROI and give you a competitive edge in today's marketplace.

ICT Training Services

We offer two levels of ICT training: Basic and Advanced. Both levels are made for all skill levels so that no matter where you are at with your tech, you’ll find what you need here at OMUHA.

Website Development and Hosting Service

Your business can grow with the best we have to offer. Our web hosting packages are not only affordable but fast, secure and reliable. We partner with you every step of the way.

Web Application Development

Let OMUHA Technology Partner give you the ideal web application development service for your business. Our dedicated team of web application specialists will ensure your online presence is fast, secure and scalable.

Desktop Application Development

We are glad to hear that you started a company and want us to make software for you. We partner with entrepreneurs like yourself and build cross-platform desktop application using .NET, Java, Go, Xamarin, C++, React Native, jQuery and many more. Let US give you the VIP treatment today.

Cybersecurity and Security Auditing Services

Cybersecurity and security auditing services from OMUHA Technology Partner will keep your business safe from malicious hackers and high levels of risk. Keeping you and your business data safer as the days go on. Find out how we can partner and help you secure your systems and data, and you can focus on your business. We see customers as partners, working together to provide the best security solutions and prevent data breaches is what we do. We are a company that’s here to be your guardian

IT Hardware Supply

Get great price on new and refurbished IT hardware at OMUHA Technology Partner. We stock components, accessories and servers and we can support you with a full range of high performance products while staying within your budgets.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Do you want to protect your business from this risk of loss by keeping all the data you need in one place? Our well-established IT business has solutions on offer, from backup to data recovery. Data loss of any kind is completely avoidable if you work with experts like us.

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Ombeni Aidani


Michael E Assey

Backend engineer

Adolf G Mapunda


Christopher B Shoo

Front-end developer











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